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Next KANHAM Contest Date

Starts: 06:00 UTC Saturday June 5, 2021
Ends: 06:00 UTC Sunday June 6, 2021

The contest time will be changed from 12 hours to 24 hours. The KANHAM contest will turn into a truly international contest. Dear friends from all over the world, let’s enjoy the contest together.

Correction of Results of the 10th KANHAM Contest

On August 13, 2020, JA3CWL reported that there was an error in the log he submitted to us. As a result of verification, we confirmed that the winner of the Single Operator (CW & PHONE) Domestic Stations (within Japan) 50MHz class was JH3DMQ. We applaud the sportsmanship and bushido of JA3CWL. Thank you for giving a truthful report. Let honesty and industry be your consistent companions. We are proud to have a great comrade.

The executive committee of Kansai Amateur Radio Festival
Committee Chairman: OKUDA Junki, JL3JRY