Amateur radio operators must be good society members, healthy and kind.

When you participate in the contest, it is recommended that you make an appropriate protective procedure from the common-sense perspective of an ordinary society member for novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Amateur radio operators must be progressive.

You can participate in Multi-operator entry. Please utilize KANHAM CONTEST as experimental occasions unique to amateur radio operators, such as multi-operator entry using remote control system, etc.

Amateur radio operators must have a global mindset.

Although the frequency expansion notice for 1.9Mhz band and 3.5Mhz band was announced on April 21st 2020, the contest frequencies will be the same as the ones we specified last year;

  • 1.9Mhz CW 1.9075-1.9125MHz
  • 3.5Mhz CW 3.510-3.530MHz
  • 3.5MHz PHONE 3.535-3.570MHz