Submitting Your Log

I. LOG Instructions

• Contest logs must be submitted electronically in Cabrillo format. (Cabrillo Log Format for the KANHAM Contest)
• The contest log must be written in the body of the E-mail and submitted. E-mail must be sent in plain text format. Sending by HTML E-mail is prohibited.
• You can submit only one contest log. If you participated in more than one class, you can only submit one contest log of these classes.
• In case of Multi-Operator: Specify the name of the persons who operated during the contest and the qualification of the amateur radio operator in SOAPBOX. Logs should be arranged in time order for each band.
• In case of 20 years old or younger (U20) on the date of the contest: Specify the date of birth in SOAPBOX.
• The contest committee may require the awardee to provide original log and other materials.

II. LOG Deadline

Deadline for submission: 14:59:59 UTC Sunday June 12, 2022
Specify “Call sign and CATEGORY” in the subject of E-mail, submit to